© Dr Health Club 2012 In 1991, Dennis Richard retired from the Fire Department (a Fireman, not a doctor - DR are his initials!), being unable to work for the last 20 months of service, because of job related injuries and having many other health problems including prostate cancer. Feeling 90 years old and not expecting to live more than 2 or 3 years and in so much pain, he didn't care. Dennis then learned that detoxifying, cleansing, and eating right was the first step to regaining health. Starting with chelation therapy, his eyesight was restored and his mind cleared. Pain was diminished. This was his new beginning of his quest for health and a new life. At this present time he is 100% pain free and doesn't remember feeling this good when he was in his 20's. He feels he has found his purpose in life, which is sharing what he has learned in restoring his own health. Dennis is on a mission to help as many people as possible, worldwide, in living a healthy and vibrant life. He, himself, was where many people are today: in a very poor health with no will to live and no idea on how to turn his health problems around! Like most of us, he has been let down by our modern allopathic medicine that mostly rely on chemicals and surgery to treat symptoms and not the actual causes of our dis-eases. Like few of us, he decided to take a stand and take control of his own health, instead of just rely on the white coats to do their job. Just with plain common sense, he came to the conclusion that they did not offer him much relief or hope! So he decided to explore what so-called alternative medicine had to offer, keeping an open spirit! Since then, he has been (and still is) a guinea pig for so many health cures. Like anyone on the same quest, he has been overwhelmed by claims and ideas of treatment. Due to his unique circumstances of having time and affordable travel, he set about finding out in detail whatever resonates with him. His 20- year journey led him to meet lots of very interesting individuals (and some not so!). What makes Dennis unique is his desire to share his hard-gained knowledge with others. He found his passion, his mission in life! Because the Universe put him in touch with many great individuals and because of his determination and efforts, he was able to reverse several health conditions that normally would have killed him fairly quickly! From opening a water store where he lost money to starting to sell some health products he could vouch for, he started spending a considerable amount of time on the phone, and in person, helping countless people trying to regain their health. There is only 60 sec in a minute and 24h in a day, we can imagine how quickly he ran out of time. So he came up with the idea to make a radio show/ conference calls so a lot more people can, all at the same time, learn from him and his trusted health specialist But even that is way too limited, we talked about millions, no ... billions of people on this planet! It is time now to move to a higher level, to use the power of internet communication to reach many more people. As internet reach continues to expand, so can we help people around the planet! Our work now, all of us in the Dr Health Club team is to make this a reality! To reach millions of people and help them reclaim their healthy life or, for some, perhaps get a healthy life for the first time in their life! This is how Dennis Richard is at the origin of this health club, one that is unlike what most of us understand a health club to be - one which focuses on wellness - how to live longer in vibrant health!  His thoughts are to do this through sharing information with one another, via a forum and his books. Dennis’s  Vision: “My plan for the future is to continue to write about the new and exciting things that I learn every day, which are changing my life and our world.  My vision is a world without sickness, disease, pain, and suffering, but rather, filled with the joy of living in love for one another.  I believe that together we can achieve this, as we are all one with God and one with every other person on this earth.” Look around and become a member to enjoy full privileges! - ask questions & share information with one another, via our forum with the participation of several experts in the health field Our forum includes testimonials from members, questions and answers between members, and with the participation of several of Dennis’s friends who are experts in the health field and work from their heart. It’s up to us to learn what others have found out ... and share. The web offers many good sources of information but sometimes, excess information makes it difficult to sort out what is real from what is written by those only trying to make as much money as they can ! Do not hesitate to consult our forum often and, please, participate! - access our archived documents, conferences calls & video clips   Since 2009, Dennis has been hosting great conference calls with exceptional health care specialists who are dedicated to helping people. Many video clips have been produced to educate, and our libraries also include many articles of interest. Feel free to consult all our documents and see what resonates with you and what can benefit you. - receive our weekly newsletter by email with the latest exciting news about the Club Our regular newsletter will let you know what new information we want to share with you. You will be automatically subscribed when you join the club. - access Dennis Richard’s “Your Health is Your Choice” updates Health club members will also have free access to Dennis’s book updates and pictures he’s taken to help us better understand some of the things he writes about. - get special discounts towards products endorsed by the club So many choices today ... so expensive & time consuming to experiment with all the products offered today ... Dennis and the Dr Health team we spend lots of time visiting manufacturers and experimenting with new products ... What you find here is what we use for ourselves. If we decide to endorse an outstanding or exceptional product, service or company, when possible, we negotiate special discounts for the benefit of our members. We should all really care for our health and wellness ... what is the point in living in pain and in dis-ease? We are not helpless in staying fit and pain-free ! If you have any comments or questions, please address them to: info@drhealthclub.com Look around and become a member to enjoy full privileges! Membership is free and will only take you 1 minute ...   About the Dr Health Club Our Vision ... What makes us different ... Free membership privileges ... Please read our Legal Disclaimer: we don’t make any claims as current regulations don’t allow us to do so. It’s up to each of us to do his own research and draw his own conclusions. We are all different, so what works wonders for one might not for someone else