According to eastern medicine, you are healthy when your "chi" is strong, balanced, and flowing. "Chi" is the healing source that unites the body, mind, and spirit, and flows in channels through our body. One of the causes of ill health is the stagnation or blockage of "chi." The Chi Machine gives an internal massage that will help unblock the chi pathways and ensure maximum flow through the body, thus improving and restoring your health. An oxygen efficient body is key for maintaining good health and longevity. However, people today do not have enough oxygen intake. Lack of oxygen can create immune system dysfunctions, cardiac symptoms, sleep and respiratory disorders, intestinal problems, depression, fatigue, and many other imbalances. Exercise is the most effective way to acquire a sufficient amount of oxygen. But to be more efficient, the sympathetic nerve must be stimulated and the bronchus must be expanded for increased oxygen intake. To achieve this result, the body needs to vacillate like a fish so the spinal cord is stimulated. The steady, swinging motion of the spine from a Chi Machine results in increased oxygenation and rejuvenation for the body. Chi Machines & Body Vibration Massage Tone, strengthen, and relax your entire body These incredible machines provide a massage and an efficient workout for the whole body that is simple and comfortable Health Benefits © Dr Health Club 2012