Frequently Asked Questions Club Membership Why should I become a member? First of all, we encourage you to just look at our website and forum before you join us. Go look in our audio, video and articles libraries ... Check some of the products and services Dr Health Club recommends ... Get a feel for what we believe in, what we do. Then if you feel that you belong, that you will learn plenty to enjoy life in a more healthy way, that you want to share what you know with other like-minded people, then please, join us ... become a member ... it takes only about 1 minute and you will belong to a growing international community of people who want to live well and longer.  Where do I sign up to become a member? Go on the Dr Health Club forum and follow the easy and quick registration process. Do I have to become a member to access the DrHealthClub forum or to consult your audio/video/articles libraries? Not at all. Everyone is welcome to look at our forum and in our libraries. But if you like to participate by posting replies or questions on our forum, share your own story or experiences, we ask you to register as a member. This is the only way, we can control spam and undesirable postings. It only takes about 1 minute. How much does it cost to join? Nothing at all. Membership is FREE. It is lifetime and anyone can opt out at any time. We are sure you will enjoy all the benefits of belonging to a club of like-minded people all over the planet! What other benefits do I get as a member? On top of all the benefits anyone can enjoy without being a member, you get to participate in our forum and you get special discounts offered on endorsed products and services. As a growing Club, we can use our size to obtain all kinds of advantages for our members, and we are always looking at ways we can bring new benefits to all our members. Will I receive all kind of junk emails from the Club and other vendors? No, we do not give our member’s list to anyone. We respect your privacy and your wish to not be flooded with emails and/or spam. The only emails you will receive are the Club Newsletters. Right now, we don’t plan to send you more than one (1) Newsletter a week as we believe it should be enough to let you know what is going on. We try to have fairly brief newsletters that contain links to other websites so YOU decide which link you go to. Media Library I do not have a good internet speed, can I download the audio & videos on my computer so I can listen and watch them later? Yes, that way you can enjoy these when it suits you the most. Many software programs let you save audio, video and other files on your computer. Some are freeware or shareware. One program has been working well for us and does not cost much after the 30-day trial has expired. It is called IDM (Internet Download Manager). We also used DAP, another such program. Search the internet to find many options. Articles Library Who submitted all these articles and how do I know that they tell correct information? We only post articles coming from people we trust and with content that makes sense to us. Now, especially in scientific matters, nobody can really be sure of anything ... so we don’t claim as to the accuracy of the info shared in our library. The purpose of this library is to give you free access to information, we believe, can be a benefit to you. We are not claiming anything will cure you of anything, only God and you can do that! We are all different and what works for someone may not work for someone else. Some government entities like FDA will even go after anyone who claims anything at all, unless it has been approved by them! Newsletters How do I subscribe to your newsletter? When you become a member, you automatically will be subscribed to the Dr Health Club newsletter as that is the best way for members to keep abreast of the latest news of interest How do I unsubscribe to your newsletter? To unsubscribe, you have to cancel your membership. It is important for us to stay in touch and the easiest way to do that is to receive our newsletter. If you don’t want to receive the newsletters to your current email address, you can easily change your email address in your member profile (on the forum). It only takes about 1 min. Will I receive all kinds of junk emails from the Club and other vendors, now that I get your newsletter? No, we do not give our member’s list to anyone. We respect your privacy and your wish to not be flooded with emails and/or spam. The only emails you will receive are the Club Newsletters. Right now, we don’t plan to send you more than one (1) Newsletter a week as we believe it should be enough to let you know what is going on. We try to have fairly brief newsletters that contain links to other websites so YOU decide which link you go to. Endorsed Products and Services Why does the Club promote certain health & wellness products and services? While there are plenty of things you can do yourself to become healthy and well, often we need some guidance or some products. We all search the internet and we all have been overwhelmed with different websites offering zillions of products and services. How can we, ourselves, have a good idea of what works well or what does not? How do we judge the motivation of the sellers? Is is greed or a desire to help others? How can we decide who to trust when we pay for products and services? This is one of the great advantages of the Club, benefiting from other people’s experiences and feed-back. Peruse our forum to read what our members have to say about all products and services out there on the market!  Dennis Richard, as you probably know, does not hesitate to go see the practitioners and manufacturers themselves ... even overseas. He wants to experience, himself, any method or product whenever he can, and relies on some trusted friends to help him in that research. They are our guinea pigs ... they keep track of results ... When great results are found, it’s natural to promote these great companies, thus our recommended products and services. New products or services sometimes appear ... sometimes endorsements disappear ... why is that? New products and services appear all the time so Dennis and his team are busy investigating new health & wellness products and practitioners. Products are sometimes manufactured differently and supposed improvements are only in the profit book of that company! Companies are sold and the new owners might not have the same ethics as the people we were dealing with before ... People, products and business do change over time ... when for the better, they might be endorsed, when for the worse, they might not be anymore. I discovered a new product I do not see the Club endorsing, how can I propose this product for endorsement? If you can honestly vouch for great results over a certain period of time, we will be very interested to hear about your testimonial and investigate. We will be happy to contact the company to find out more about their products. If our investigation turns out positive ... be patient it will take some time for us to evaluate ... you might see that new product appear in our list of endorsed products. And the Club community thanks you for helping us discover something new that can help in our goal of attaining and keeping health and wellness. Does the Club have any financial gain related to any product it endorses? Here it is plain and simple .... nothing hidden! A Win-Win-Win situation! Our members win by getting special discounts on great products - that will stay great and available if Endorsed businesses thrives - and we win by being able to keep Dennis on his mission to share amazing info and products with us all! It takes some money to keep our websites and forum going as you can guess. Membership is free so where could we get small funds to keep us going? So one way we can do this is by becoming affiliate to businesses we really believe in. We can guarantee that our first priority is to recommend only the best practitioners, products and business to our members! In fact, most of us do use their products and services ourselves! It is only after deciding to endorse a company that we talk business with them. It makes sense for them to give us special discounts like any business would offer big groups (and our Club gets larger each day!). We decided to split that discount we obtain between you, our Dr Health club members and us, for the running of our free services. Miscellaneous How do I contact you? If you’d like to answer questions regarding health & wellness or you like to share your own testimonial, please, log on to the Dr Health Club forum and post your comments on-line. Remember to first register as a member so you have the privilege to post versus just the possibility to read posts. Our health specialists and other members will do their best to address any questions you put forward If you’d like to contact us privately for any matters, you can write to us at We promise to reply as soon as we can ... but, please, keep in mind that we sometimes receive several hundred of emails daily! We cannot give individual consultations or treatment recommendations. Sometimes we make suggestions as to which of our practitioner contacts may best benefit you. Can you recommend some other websites where I can find more health & wellness information? Yes, we are happy to provide you with links of interest! Please look in our last section, top menu and you will find lots of interesting websites about different topics     © Dr Health Club 2012