By stimulating the flow or lymphatic fluids through the body by as much as 10 times their normal rate, Rebounding or Bouncing can assist the body in removing toxins, strengthening the immune system, and building strong, healthy cells. Rebounding is an exercise that can reduce your body fat; firms your legs, thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips; increases your agility; improves your sense of balance; strengthens your muscles over all; provides an aerobic effect for your heart; rejuvenates your body when it's tired, and generally puts you in a state of health and fitness.  The traveler may wish to carry a folding rebounder for use in a hotel room. Rebounding - Bouncing Rebounding knows no social boundaries and has no age limitations You can easily perform this exercise in your living room, office, and yard.  Some Virtues of Rebounding: © Dr Health Club 2012